Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Remaining Authentic

This is the straight Egyptian mare, Fa Magnolia Moon. Like Fa Carolina Moon, Fa Magnolia Moon is a Halim el Mansour daughter, however, Fa Magnolia Moon is out of the mare Fa Sherifaa, an Ansata el Sherif daughter out of Faserrabba while Fa Carolina Moon is out of Fa Bukra, a Fa Asar daughter out of the Ansata el Sherif daughter, SF Khala Zahra. So, both mares have Bukra blood on the maternal side of the pedigree and the Bukra source is the same for both mares, Ansata el Sherif. These two mares are very closely related, more than half-sisters. 

I chose this picture of Fa Magnolia Moon because I am especially reminded of a painting which depicts a group of mares, on a hot day, drinking water at a desert well. The mares are elegant, feminine and draw your eyes away from an otherwise harsh, dry landscape. Looking at this photo of Fa Magnolia Moon, I remember something which Lady Anne Blunt said, when describing the horse of the Nejd,
"the Nejd horses have short necks, short bodies, good shoulders and a very good tail carriage. Their heads are better than the Anazeh's in every respect the Arabs admire: the heads are not too large, but neither too small, a great width between ears and eyes and between the eyes, but not between the ears; the profile concave below the eyes. The tails of the Nejd horses are thrown out in movement, like their heads, in a perfect arch."-Lady Anne Blunt
What I like most about this mare is her very short, very wide head. She is stunning. Her head is so broad, with much room between her eyes, which by the way, are large, black and lustrous. Like her sister, she has beautiful nostrils, large, elastic, with a very nice shape. Her skin is very fine, with no additional layers of fat, accentuating the prominence of bone and veins in her "dry" head. Her features appear chiseled, as if by an artist. Look at the quality of her mane hair. It is amazing. The hairs are long, silky and fine. Magnolia Moon, like her sister, physically embodies the qualities that authors like Dr. Hans Nagel and Lady Anne Blunt have defined for all time, of the Nejd horse. When one looks at this horse, there are no doubts of who she is...she is powerfully authentic.

PS credit for the picture of Fa Magnolia Moon, taken by Clothilde Nollet, Maarena Arabians, Chamoux, France

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