Monday, October 19, 2009

FA Angelita Rose

This is Fa Angelita Rose (FA Fajeer Halim X Bint Fasherifaa), who was bred by Marilyn Lang, of Fantasia Arabians, in Sealy, Texas. Marilyn bred FA Angelita Rose's dam, Bint Fasherifaa, who is an AK Sirhalima daughter and one of Marilyn's best producing broodmares, having also produced Rose's sister, the gorgeous, grey-colored FA Maarlina Moon. Rose's sire is the late FA Fajeer Halim, whom Marilyn also bred, who was a Halim el Mansour son out of the Fabo daughter, FA Bint Anniq. Marilyn has owned or bred many of the other horses in FA Angelita Rose's pedigree. FA Angelita Rose represents 5 generations of Marilyn Lang's breeding. When I first looked at the picture of FA Angelita Rose, there was a familiarity to her look. I wasn't sure if she favored Fa Daalim or Fa Bint Anniq in her phenotype. So, I asked Marilyn who FA Angelita Rose resembles and she shared the following,
Rose was my first try using all three of the the main stallions in my program over the last 30 years. She has Halim El Mansour, AK Sirhalima and Fa Daalim. I think the combination was perfection. She reminds me a lot of her dam, only with a much prettier and well defined neck and mitbah. She also has a look of Fa Daalim about her.

Every picture that Marilyn sends me is breathtaking. Just when I think that I have seen her most amazing horse, Marilyn will send me another picture to prove to me that I haven't really seen anything. Marilyn's horses are consistently correct and as Arabian Horses, are exquisite in their refinement. Quality oozes from every pore. Her shoulder is impressive, the angle of the shoulder is powerful, which is crowned with a very nice wither. Her topline is short, level and very strong, which flows into a full and round hindquarter. As a matter of fact, every line on her body, flows smoothly into the next. She is a most balanced horse, very harmonious.

To see the quality of Egyptian Arabian Horses currently bred in today's age, like FA Angelita Rose is exciting, as well as the ability to recognize and appreciate this real, live, timeless beauty. Despite hard times, a bad economy, scary news; we are fortunate that there are horses like FA Angelita Rose who provide inspiration and encouragement in these challenging times.