Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Three Sherifas

Marilyn Lang's beautiful Ansata El Sherif daughters, THE THREE SHERIFAS (left to right in the picture, AK Rabiya [Ansata El Sherif x Glorieta Tala], Fa Sherifaa [Ansata El Sherif x Faserrabba], SF Khala Zahra [Ansata El Sherif x Sabrah]). Marilyn shared the following with me:

"Fa Sherifaa is angelic in appearance and disposition. My other two Ansata El Sherif daughters, SF Khala Zahra and AK Rabiya have the same "Bukra" look in their lovely heads, those incredible huge black eyes, the lids, both upper and lower, appear to have been outlined in thick, black, khol eye liner. I am the luckiest breeder in the world to have three such beautiful Egyptian mares. Quite awesome and I have not seen that look on too many Arabs, in all my years of breeding."-Marilyn Lang
All over the world, SE breeders have recognized the value of the EAO foundation mare, Bukra and are trying to incorporate her blood into their programs.

Ansata El Sherif was one of my favorite Ansata stallions. A son of *Ansata Ibn Halima and out of the mare, *Ansata Bint Bukra, he is a good source of Bukra blood. A phenotypically Dahman Shahwan horse; blending Ansata El Sherif with horses who physically embody the strongest Saqlawi strain characteristics, will overcome flaws like a shorter, thicker neck, which is present when using these lines. Overall, in terms of a particular horse who combined the best qualities of Bukra with the best qualities of *Ansata Ibn Halima, Ansata El Sherif was a beautiful horse. His strong topline, short-coupling, well-sprung ribs and generous heart girth enabled Ansata El Sherif to enjoy an athletic career. There was not much that this horse could and would not do. He was talented under saddle, winning many prizes in Native Costume, English Pleasure and Western Pleasure. He sired approximately 167 purebred Arabian Horses who in turn, have produced grand-progeny that are spectacular too. 

Cynthia Culbertson of El Miladi Stud shared her memories of the horse once,
"He was quite a 'fairytale' type of white stallion -- very true to his Dahman strain, compact with a lovely head and eye."
When I think of Ansata El Sherif, I think of the old-time horses like him, who were extremely versatile for their owners. A show horse, companion, breeding horse and ultimately a legend of the breed. This is the beauty and promise found in the legacy of Ansata El Sherif and now, the three Sherifas.