Friday, April 23, 2010

Black Angel

"Why should I fear?
When was I less by dying?
Yet once more I shall die as Man,
to soar with angels bless'd..."
-Persian poet and philosopher, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī

Angelic Noir is an eight year old straight Egyptian mare, from the Babson/Brown breeding group. She carries the blood of the stallion Hallany Mistanny (*Zarife x Roda) through the tail female line (Mist Aana) of her sire, Zarife El Mansour (Fa Asar x Misttina). That's the Brown part of her pedigree...Hallany Mistanny. The rest of the horses in the pedigree are all Babson. Angelic Noir's dam is the very beautiful mare, Sunnyru Maaroufa, bred by Mari Silveus.
This mare, Sunnyru Maaroufa, is stunning and has been coveted by many people. She is THAT beautiful. Her beauty is extraordinary. She has one of the longest necks that I have ever seen on a straight Babson horse. She is a daughter of the breathtaking black stallion, Princeton Faaris and out of the black bay Serr Maariner daughter, Princeton Maaroufa.

"A lot of people say she is the most beautiful Babson mare living. Sunnyru Maaroufa simply has captivated people because people just are not used to seeing Babsons look like that." -Mari Silveus
Angelic Noir, like her dam, is also an exquisite mare. Her head is beautiful with large, lustrous black eyes, a clean, well-defined bone structure with prominent tear bones, which are accentuated by her black color, giving her a dramatic, very deserty look. Her neck is long and refined, with a powerful shoulder. A bold, electrifying mover, she drives off of her hocks, churning the ground up behind her, while her front end has the necessary freedom, enabling her to reach out and grab the ground in front of her. She floats across the ring, this way and then that way, mesmerizing all with her movement. She is a prima ballerina, enchanting all who look upon her. She is an elegant mare and Marilyn Lang, her owner, tested her recently and she is homozygous for the black color.

Angelic Noir has been checked in foal to Marilyn's stallion, Fa Noor el Nefous, a son of Sir Habbas Pasha and out of the Fa Daalim daughter, Fa Aanisah. The cross of *Ansata Ibn Halima with Babson breeding has produced beautiful horses like the US National Champion mare, Fa Halima. I am excited over this cross, as the blood of the legendary Bukra, through Ansata el Sherif is also represented. Bukra's influence in SE breeding has been legendary. Many times, I have heard black Arabian breeders complain that it is very challenging to find quality black-colored horses who are also classic, typey Arabians. It will be interesting to find out to whom this forthcoming foal will appeal to more: SE breeders or black Arabian breeders.